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5 Random thoughts from me:

1. If you take all the CDs I've ever owned and stacked them on top of each other in the front lawn, I have no idea how tall that stack would be.
2. I prefer 'The Rule of Pinky' to 'The Rule of Thumb.'
3. If you laugh more, unfortunately, people will label you as maniacal.
4. I'd like to take a Bite out of Crime, but I'm afraid of the aftertaste.
5. I bet somewhere, some cloud doesn't have a silver lining but he's too embarrassed to say anything and just hides behind all the other clouds.

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Hey I'm Jeff, I am originally from the Seattle area. I've worked in Central Oregon, Portland and now back in Bend, I also remember a time here before the park way, so I've seen the growth of Bend. And I am a huge music lover. All types. All kinds. My I Pod, has aserious identity crisis. You can usually find me at a concert, I've been to a few. I'll probably be enjoying a beer too. People ask, with all the great local brews here in Central Oregon, what is my favorite, c'mon man, that's impossible. Too many great local breweries to single just one out. It's like trying to pick your all time favorite song. Can't be done. Thanks for hangin out, see you Monday - Friday 2pm - 6pm.

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Otto Mation

A real workhorse with a penchant for insomnia, Otto spins the tunes in the middle of the day, overnight and on the weekends. Unfortunately chronic laryngitis keeps Otto from saying too much.

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