Night Shift
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Night Shift

Dave Scott

I first cracked the mike in 1975. As a working musician, I began to see that I was not cut out for a life on the road. I looked to radio as a way to live vicariously thru those that were willing to put up with the gypsy lifestyle. From Montana to Iowa down to Southeast Texas (Port Arthur, Janis Joplin’s home town) I learned the ropes until my big break came. In 1979 I won a national radio talent search and was hired in Seattle a month later. I have lived in the Northwest ever since. In the early 1990’s I moved to Portland to host the morning show along with my partner Tom Turner at KGON. We later moved to mornings at KKRH (Earth 105) in Portland. In 1999 Tom and I went our separate ways and I anchored afternoons at KBBT/Portland In 2000 the jewel in the Portland radio crown came calling and I was hired to host the afternoon show at KINK. In 2008, I moved to the KINK morning show along with Sheila Hamilton and “Dave and Sheila” garnered top 5 ratings until 2014. I then went back to KGON to man the afternoon show in 2015.

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